The Adidas x Barbour Collab is a Perfect, Unexpected Mix

Adidas churns out constant cool collaborations, with everyone from superstars like Pharrell to their ongoing collaboration to skate company Palace. Their collaborations never disappoint, in part because the chosen collaborators are curators, tastemakers, and arbiters of style themselves. Barbour on the other hand, is a downright classic. A Barbour Beadnell jacket is nothing new and yet it’s timelessly chic and always in that covetable, effortless way. In fact, the company originated in 1894.

Together, the brands merged their unique DNA; Barbour’s anglo-outdoorsiness and military edge with Adidas’s top-notch sportswear. If you think about it, the collab is perfect–the DNA of each brand is timeless. Sportswear, whether for a soccer game or a polo match, remains practical always, and yet, somehow both niches have also carved a place in the fashion-iest closets around.

Collaborations are a dime-a-dozen, but this one will certainly stand the test of time, and win any cost-per-wear assessments… you can shop it starting November 8.

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