No Fewer than 12 Times Karl Lagerfeld Cribbed ‘Ab Fab’ for Chanel

Illustration by Joseph Larkowsky

Coco? No. Keira? Oh no. One fashion icon has inspired more looks from the Chanel archive than any other. Look no further than fashion and PR maven extraordinaire, Edina Monsoon.

I stumbled across the similarities whilst binging on Ab Fab, the incredible and hilarious series created by Jennifer Saunders earlier today, not quite believing my eyes. There she was — Edina, accompanied by binge-drinking socialite and magazine features director du jour Patsy Stone wearing what appeared to be a Chanel Spring 2015 look. Vivid watercolor sleeves in pinks, purples and oranges, with a tweed palazzo pant and draped ruffled necktie. After hauling up the images on I compared the similarities; pretty identical if I say so myself.

Chanel Prêt-à-Porter Spring 2015

After a little more digging, I realized this wasn’t Karl Lagerfeld‘s first time referencing an outfit Edina has worn in the hit Brit comedy. From her iconic “LACROIX Sweetie Darling” orange jumpsuit, seen at the brand’s Fall 2014 collection, to full denim outings from the Pre-Fall 2014 collection in Dallas, ostentatious fabrications from the Cruise 2015 show in Dubai, the Chanel archive has a whole host of inspired recreations from Edina’s most memorable looks. It seems Karl is like the rest of us after all, sitting on the sofa, starched collar off kilter, downing a bottle of red, catching up with the box set of fashion’s ideal duo.

I’ve always wondered how Kaiser Karl created and styled so many collections a year, but it just comes to show you, inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. Edina Monsoon, fashion salutes you.


Chanel Prêt-à-Porter Spring 2015

Chanel Prêt-à-Porter Spring 2015

Chanel Cruise Paris/Dubai 2015

Chanel Cruise Paris/Dubai 2015

Chanel Prêt-à-Porter Fall 2014

Chanel Prêt-à-Porter Fall 2014

Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2013

Chanel Pre-Fall Paris/Dallas 2014

Chanel Pre-Fall Paris/Bombay 2012

Chanel Pre-Fall Paris/Bombay 2012


Chanel Cruise Paris/Antibes 2012 

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