A Special Anniversary for Dwayne Wade & Michael Jordan

A profound love and appreciation for finely crafted footwear was never simply relegated to the fairer sex. Just ask OJ Simpson. And for those of us Young American Men (YAMs as we are called) who know that you can tell a lot about a man by the company of shoes he keeps can trace that appreciation back to one man: Phil Knight and Michael Jordan. Understandably, the Jordan I and Jordan II were more about the man than the shoe. But that soon changed with the release of the greatest sneaker ever made, the Jordan IV. After its release, the sneaker industry was never the same. The textures and subtle details of the Jordan IV alone made this author believe in Intelligent [Oregon-based] Design. We were in love. SWOONSH! So as a fan it is no surprise that a Brooks Brothers twine-tickler like Dwyane Wade has been lobbying for years to join the Jordan Brand team. Today that dream came true in ways he had only imagined.

Nike announced today that Dwyane Wade will be the first pitchman for Air Jordan since the shoe’s charismatic, cheating, and womanizing namesake. Michael Jordan, the greatest player to ever lace ‘em up is understandably excited to finally retire from the game of basketball sneakers. “With each shoe, consumers have pushed me to take the next Air Jordan beyond their wildest imagination,” he smiled to AP News. Released next year on February 13 — the 25th Anniversary Jordan — a reminder of the crushing weight of our own fragile mortality will be released during the NBA All-Star weekend and will be the official $170 shoe of Dwyane Wade. Remember how the Adidas Kobe Ones were inspired by the lines of the Audi TT? What sad, strange times.

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