A Really Cute Panda Named Fendidi is Launching the FENDI x Jackson Wang Capsule Collection



Because, why not?…Fendi has created an adorable panda character to be featured in an installation at its Chengdu boutique, to inaugurate its FENDI x Jackson Wang capsule collection.

Exclusively designed by Fendi and artist Oscar Wang, this playful panda called Fendidi, will stand at the entrance of Shamao Street at Chengdu IFS. His name translates to ‘Fendi’s little brother.’  The whole thing actually comes in at about 11 feet in length and 7 feet wide, and will be up through July 28th – before embarking on a world tour to promote the collection.



Personalized by “F is for…Fun, Friends, Fantasy and Funk (some of our favorite things), Fendidi is of course stylishly turned out in an FF logo outfit and the cross-body Men’s Baguette from the FENDI x Jackson Wang collection. We can already tell that #Fendidi will be a real trendsetter, so we enthusiastically recommend following him and his little baby pandas on their journey around the globe.

They even made a special of Fendidi video, featuring Wang’s ‘Fendi Man’ track and the official first selfie of #Fendidi. You can also check out his super cute collection of Emjoji GIFS.

If we’re being honest, we already can’t get enough of Fendidi.


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