A Few Reasons to Love and Hate Lanvin’s New Children’s Line

H&M just announced that it has partnered with Lanvin again to create a children’s line for the All for Children initiative. This September, the collection will be available online and in 150 H&M stores worldwide. H&M calls the clothes “updates of well-loved classics, giving them a contemporary twist.” We call them delightfully sophisticated, but only if you’ve got the cash to spare on your spoiled progeny and need the charitable component to assuage your bourgeoisie guilt.

Love: 25% of sales from the Lanvin kid’s collection will go to the All for Children initiative. In November 2009, H&M teamed up with UNICEF to launch the campaign, which promotes access to education in southern India and Bangladesh. Everyone loves a good cause. Warm fuzzies for all.

Hate: Lanvin will be joining labels like Marc Jacobs, D&G, and Dior, all of whom have ridiculously upscale collections for kids. As much as we love cute kids and high fashion, the two do not go together. Children are living magnets for markers, mud, and everything else that stains. Unless you’re Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, why spend hundreds on a Burberry leather trench for a messy five-year-old that’s going to grow out of it in six months? What kind of five-year-old wears a leather trench coat anyway?

Love: The photos for the Lanvin collection are adorable. The kids look fun, happy, and well-dressed. And the clothes are actually very chic.

Hate: In fact, they’re so chic that fashionistas everywhere might want them for themselves. Unfortunately, most adults do not fit into clothes made for toddlers. We’ll just have to settle for regular, grown-up clothes.

Conclusion: If you’re going to clad your offspring in high fashion anyway, it’s a nice way to send a few bucks to needy kids. But if your goal is saving the world rather than creating junior runway models, you can always make an old school cash donation to the charity of your choice, and then outfit the rugrats in cheap Walmart duds like the rest of the country. Either way, the kids will be alright.

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