A Charlotte Ronson Handbag Line? Housewares?

Designer Charlotte Ronson gets the New York Times profile treatment this weekend, which includes a ton of name dropping and the insight that “She’s not the Ronson who dated Lindsay Lohan” that’s her sister Sam, and that she’s “not the Ronson who in 2008 won three Grammys including one for producer of the year for working with the late Amy Winehouse. That’s her brother Mark.” Charlotte has been designing since 2000, shown for several years at Fashion Week, and even has lines with everyone from Urban Outfitters to JC Penny, so you probably already knew the difference between her and her siblings. But admist all of that clarification, there is an interesting bit of fashion-related info.

Aaron Nir, her business partner, seems to be eyeing a line expansion, so eyes peeled and wallets ready for what is sure to be some successful spin offs.

“He dreams of turning Charlotte Ronson into a global lifestyle brand. He hinted at an imminent handbag deal, and envisions eyewear, housewares, bedding, jewelry and more shoes. “We’re constantly approached by companies,” Mr. Nir said.

At the end of the article, for those interested, there is a handy guide to her family along with what they do for a living. Famous people name-checked include Nicole Richie, Rashida Jones, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, the all generic P.Y.T. (for pretty young things), New York DJ Becka Diamond, Sky Ferreira, Kelly Osbourne, Joy Bryant and Peaches Geldof.

To all of that, Charlotte tells the reporter, “I just think it’s nice to be known for what you do, not who you know or who you’re related to.”

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