A 31-Year-Old Toast to the Upper Crust

In another instance of creepy royal British memorabilia, a slice of toast from the morning of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding has been served up at a recent auction. The 31-year old piece of bread was snatched by a former servant of the Royal family, who asked not to be named lest her bread-smuggling ways land her straight into Scotland Yard. We kid, we kid. But don’t let us catch you taking our perfectly toasted bread from the table, y’hear? Having said that, toast in itself has become a sort of an Internet celebrity. Here are a few slices we loaf: toasted, never fried. 

If there were ever a better usage of stale bread, then I’d spare the dough to see it! This stop-motion breadamation music video used 215 slices of bread that were “past their sell-by date and rescued from the clutches of certain disposal.” Well, I’d give anything to have been one of those rescued slices… by OK Go, no less. 

This one is for the birds: Laura Hadland, an “English toast artist” (those exist?), used 10,080 innocent slices of bread along with dark and milk chocolate to create a massive rendition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Hadland appropriately traveled to Matera, Italy’s “City Of Bread,” to embread herself in working on the carbalicious 9 x 11.2 meter portrait, proving art is more than just food for the soul. 


We don’t know if we prefer this or the challah bread dress, but either way, they both look wonder-bread-ful. Created by Maurice Bennett, an artist from New Zealand who uses toast has his primary artistic medium, the dress is fashioned from a combination of whole baguettes, burned and regular toast. Let’s hope it attracts men just as good as it does pigeons. 


Leave it to the Japanese to completely cover a wall with toast. The mural was constructed as part of a “bakery food theme park” named Tokyo Bakery Street that opened in 2005, further proof that Asians can eat as many carbs as they like and still fit into sizes smaller than an American size 0. Hey, nobody said life was a cakewalk. 

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