6 Pretty Clever Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Every year, I fail miserably at trying to come up with a clever Halloween costume. After spending months racking my brain for a timely impersonation or someting punny like a "Freudian Slip" or "French Kiss," I always end up lazily throwing together costume pieces from a previous year, like this leopard situation I wore to a party a few days ago. Pathetic! To make matters worse, both fashion folks and Hollywood fixtures have really stepped up their doppelgänger game this year, like actress Emma Roberts who dressed as her aunt Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and wacked-out reality star Scott Disick who did his Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Check out some more impressive get-ups that I’m jealous of after the jump, including Ellen DeGeneres as someone’s wardrobe malfunction.


Fergie as Hollywood character Angelyne; Ellen DeGeneres as Sofia Vergaras’ Emmy wardrobe malfunction


Deryck Whibley as his ex-wife Avril Lavigne (his girlfriend dressed as the Nickleback dude, too!); Lucy Hale as a Lisa Frank’d-out unicorn

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