4 Fashion Icons Reanimated as Denim-Clad Zombies

Most people have and love at least one pair of jeans, but here are four fashion icons who would only ‘do’ denim over their dead bodies. Illustrator Jonathan Zawada obliged them.


Donatella Versace Age: 55 Occupation: Chief Designer, Versace

Style Mantra: Versace created a one-off design using recycled denim in celebration of Earth Day, but when it comes to her own personal style, she says, “It’s black slim trousers, a wraparound black top, a leather jacket and heels, always heels.”

Caught Dead Wearing: Complemented by a leather handbag dangling casually from her right humerus, we put Donatella in a midriff- and décolletage-baring denim zip-up over a shredded tank, as well as slim-fi t jeans. Humerus, indeed!


Alber Elbaz Age: 49 Occupation: Artistic Director, Lanvin

Style Mantra: Even though he designed a capsule collection for Acne jeans two years ago, perennial penguin Elbaz told London’s The Observer in 2007, “I always wear a dinner jacket.” Caught Dead Wearing: So we made sure to keep him in one, albeit a dinner jacket made from denim—offset nicely by matching pants and his trademark oversize bow tie.


Daphne Guinness: Age: 43 Occupation: Stout Heiress

Style Mantra: The skunk-haired couturier muse once wrote, half-joking, in a column for The Times of London, “All right, I’m going to Topshop. I’m going to close my eyes and ears, and maybe I should have a stiff drink.” Caught Dead Wearing: Nothing screams ready-to-wear louder than a busted pair of overall cutoffs with a floor-length chambray scarf. Plus, the dangling earring on her right matches the dangling ear on her left.


Valentino Garavani Age: 68 Occupation: Legendary Fashion Designer, Lifelong Tanner

Style Mantra: The sartorial god once described his personal style to us as follows: “In spring and summer, I like light pants with gray, brown or navy jackets. I’m super-classic.” Caught Dead Wearing: With that in mind, we let him keep his tie, but dipped into the casual side of business-casual with thigh-revealing jean shorts and a denim vest accessorized with a smiley-face pin. Viva the dead Valentino!

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