Your New Winter Antidote: Elyse Maguire’s ‘A Year on the Cape’ Votive Set


You’ll find Elyse Maguire’s Seapine Studio delightfully off the beaten paths of the cosmopolitan design scenes of New York or Boston. Known for her whimsical, very wearable knit scarves, she has just in time launched her uplifting A Year on the Cape home fragrance collection – another wonderful excuse to stay indoors during this frigid January.

We’re fawning over the gorgeous blue-boxed set of 12 chic little candles – each scent inspired by “the simple pleasures of every month on the Cape.” Which is obviously something we could all use a lot more of during these complicated, divisive socio-political times. Our favorites: February Fog, a memorable mist of citrus, jasmine and salt air; the sexy sandalwood of July Roadster; and August Brunch, with its mimosa-sweet fragrance – delivering a little bit of summer into our dreary January.

We asked Maguire to shed some light (pun intended) on her latest venture, from her clapboard, shingled Cape Cod aerie.


As a known textile designer, what inspired you to now create a candle collection?

For me going to the Cape is a transformative experience. As soon as I cross the bridge and take that first breath of salt air, the stress and excess melts away. Instead of staring at my Facebook feed, I actually look up at the stars. Instead of racing home to watch Netflix, I race to the beach to catch the sunset. I created A Year on The Cape so I could share all those cool, magical little moments.

What are some of your favorite things about Cape Cod that inform your designs? 

I love the casual, easygoing lifestyle. I remember the first time I went to the Cape, I packed heels and quickly realized you don’t need heels here or even shoes for that matter. There’s also something very inspiring about the constantly changing landscape: the tide is always moving, the wind always creating new shapes in the sand, you could paint the ocean every day for a year and end up with 365 different colors.

When was the studio founded?

I started using the space after graduating from design school. It was previously a painter’s studio in the 70s, which totally makes sense. When the sunlight streams in, and the ocean breeze blows through, it’s the perfect environment for creating.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to let us in on?

Yes, I’m planning to grow and evolve the collection. Cape Cod style gets boxed in as being all about popped collars and pink whale pants – I’m excited to share a new take: a simpler, pared back aesthetic that captures the simple beauty and ease of Cape life. Stay tuned for summer scarves, beach towels and our first piece of ready-to-wear this fall.


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