Fendi’s Zoey Deutch ‘Peekaboo’ Campaign is a Hit of Joy in Very Somber Times



Like hotels and restaurants, fashion can surely play a crucial role in healing our battered collective psyche, which has already endured five months of isolation and perpetual news of yet more casualties of the coronavirus. People haven’t been traveling, haven’t been eating out…and, very visibly, have not been dressing up to go out.

Luckily, our friends at Fendi are coming to the rescue with an uplifting new campaign for their already beloved Peekaboo bag, a Silvia Venturini Fendi design first introduced in 2019. Starring an ethereal Zoey Deutch (who happens to be the daughter of director Howard Deutch and actress Lea Thompson), her infectious smile lights up the screen, as the lush strains of The Horrors’ opulent synth-goth track “I See You” fill the air—and frontman Faris Badwan dreamily croons “I can see your future in it / I can see it there.”

Zoey beams at eager paparazzi on the sidewalk, before a photo session in the studio finds her…”peeking” into her own Peekaboo bag, leaving us to wonder just what she might be hiding in there.



“I love that the bag opens up in a deep ‘smile’ to reveal the interchangeable inside pockets,” she says. “It is comfortable yet classic. Chic, while also able to carry everything you could need. And I have been known to want to fit everything—and more—in my purse. I definitely need four. Obviously.”

Of course, just seeing anything that isn’t accompanied by the words “this was shot in my apartment” is hopeful in itself. But Ms. Deutch seems particularly thrilled with how the Fendi session played out.

“It was one of my favorite shooting days ever,” she enthuses. “There was a lot to get done in a short time, but everyone was in such a great mood. Good people, great energy and amazing bags…what could be better?”

And isn’t that just the sort of positivity we need right now?


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