Dazzling Up Tradition: Fabergé Launches New Capsule Collection w/ Designer James Ganh




Since 1842, Fabergé has obviously been one of the most stories high jewelry houses, whose iconic creations have been collected equally by royals and celebs. But seeking to join 21st Century the zeitgeist of high-profile collabs, they are launching a new partnership with James Ganh this September, making him their first ever “Featured Designer.”

Born in China but now working in London, Ganh’s work has dazzled up the presence of such luminaries as Dame Helen Mirren, Elizabeth Hurley, and Kylie Minogue. And for this extraordinary project, he has created works in the vibrant colors of summer floral blooms (surely a timely notion, since we were all robbed of summer 2020). The resulting pieces build on the brand’s exalted heritage, while nodding to the modernity of its more recent aesthetic inclinations, and the House’s ethos of “A Life in Color.”

The Fabergé x James Ganh capsule collection (which he’s been working on in secret for the past year) flaunts an impressive array of wearable high-jewelry pieces, inspired by nature and art. And carved turquoise, regal amethyst, alluring tanzanite, and beads of romantic rose quartz make for just the sort of dazzle we need in such dark and joyless times. And the tone of restrained opulence means each is meant to easily transition from day to night—perfect for when we actually get to experience nightlife again.

“During the first five years of building my eponymous brand, I had maintained contact with Fabergé,” he explains of the House where he developed his style, “and in 2019 we started the discussion of how we can work on a special project together. It has always been a brand which celebrates innovative craftsmanship and young talent. So, in the spirit of Peter Carl Fabergé, the Maison’s founder, we embarked upon this journey.”

A bit of history: Peter Carl Fabergé, a pioneer and innovator, was considered a maverick when he introduced “workmasters” in 1882. Under his mentorship, independent craftsmen were given the freedom to develop their own characteristic style, with each of their finished pieces personally approved by Peter Carl, or one of his esteemed deputies, to ensure it met the House’s exacting standards. Today, Fabergé continues to work with a small number of modern-day workmasters; and there is an idea to expand this tradition in a contemporary format, by providing a platform to endorse future talent. This is how the concept of a “Featured Designer” was born.



James Ganh established his own studio in 2015 on London’s Old Bond Street. A Central Saint Martins graduate, at Fabergé he developed both the superior craftsmanship and the passion for seeing it through. His own work now is not only strikingly intricate, in keeping with Fabergé tradition, but also evokes a sense of freedom.

“Fabergé has inspired me throughout my studies and career,” he enthuses, “and it was an honor to have the opportunity to work with the Maison from 2012 to 2014. During this time, they helped nurture my artistic design and gave me the confidence to establish my own company. Fabergé creations [always] spoke to my heart and inspired my work. This is evident throughout the new capsule collection.”

No surprise, they’re priced accordingly: per set at $74,100 to $1,150,500, while individual pieces range from $33,150 to $317,460. Selected sets will debut in Fabergé’s boutique in Houston’s Galleria,  as well as at Harrods, both in September. Subsequent launches are planned for the Fabergé boutique in the Dubai Mall, and in “By Appointment” showrooms in London and New York.

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