Checkin’ Out That Original Swedish Snus Style

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You may have noticed the circular imprint in the back pocket of your Swedish friend’s jeans when you met up with him in Stockholm for that snowboarding trip. Or when you went backstage after seeing the Johnossi play at Webster Hall; or in Malibu after a day of surfing, when you ended up grilling at the home of a bunch of impossibly blond new friends.


It’s the mark of a tin of snus, the Swedish smokeless tobacco product, a discreet little white pouch of fresh tobacco meant to be placed behind the lip. No smoke, no mess, simple–clean and minimal like so much of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Perfect with friends in any environment, from flying off a snowy cliff face to finishing up a celebratory meal.


In America, snus is just catching on, imported from Sweden not just by friends anymore, but by the companies that make the best product, including our favorite, General Snus. Their formula is the original, produced in Sweden since 1850. It’s about freedom and adventure–and a certain Scandinavian minimalist élan.

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