Someone (Barney’s) Got A Little Work Done

In case you hadn’t heard, our beloved Barney’s had a little something done at both the Beverly Hills and Madison Avenue locations. As if carrying some of the most amazing beauty products weren’t enough (hi Byredo candles… what’s up MAKE face gloss…) the department store beautified itself for our benefit. By reaching out to Steven Harris Architects to ensure optimal results, Barney’s really hit a home run. Steven Harris himself was kind enough to answer a few burning beauty questions (like, how did you manage to make it/us look so good?) See if you can finish clicking through before dashing across or uptown for a beauty splurge.


“We sought to make the shopper look as beautiful as possible within the space by using ample ambient light and lighting from below,” said principal architect himself, Steven Harris. Must remember “lighting from below” for the next bathroom renovation…


“Interior designer Eleanor Lemaire’s design for the original Bullocks Wilshire store was a guiding influence throughout. When designing the fixtures, we took major inspiration from Damien Hirst’s medicine cabinet series and Donald Judd ‘s steel boxes,” said Harris. (Donald Judd’s steel boxes are pictured.)



Damien Hirst’s medicine cabinet.



… and that all makes visual sense.

The lighting is all designed to emphasize the beautiful bottles and packaging. Harris told me “the perfume display lights all the bottles from below so that their intricacies emerge and they seem to glow from within. Our fixtures allow the beauty brands to be identified more by packaging than by the individual boutiques- brand identity rather than the approach.”


Also, now you can get your spa on at Barney’s – see: this new treatment room. So zen. Say it with me… ohm.


“We want the shopper to feel beautiful when they enter the space and throughout the shopping experience…” said Harris. “We also want them to feel pampered, an objective that we addressed [with] sumptuous finishes, special pieces of furniture, and moments of pause within the store’s circulation.” So if you’re jonesing for a beauty binge, get thee to a Barney’s, stat. The whole experience is bound to be gorgeous.

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