Feel Good About Giving Someone You Love a Paper Cut

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If you want to be beloved by grandma, aunts, uncles, and anyone who grew up without an iPhone metaphorically superglued to their hands this holiday season, consider the handwritten note.

Even as I write this right here to be posted on the interwebz, this much I know is true: paper never goes out of style.

And far, far superior to some card with a bad illustration of a ‘winter wonderland’ is Everlane’s new collaboration with Paper Chase Press, who uses eco-friendly, waterless printing technology and responsibly-sourced cardstock to produce their stationery lines. 

The resulting cards leave space for you to say something heartfelt but brings the chic factor with holiday-appropriate gilded quotation marks, and more.

So for any gift you receive, pen a timeless thank-you note on one of these guys. I’ll take my thank you later.

Shop the three exclusive sets here.