Apple is Like, Yeah Whatever NYFW — It’s iWatch Time

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“Yo Fashion Week, Imma let you finish…” — Apple

Excuse me fashion but get out of the spotlight. Tech would like to make an announcement. In case this week of intensive tweeting, instagramming, and constant phone charging hasn’t been enough for you, you can now prepare yourself for a slew of new Apple products and technologies, especially, the Apple Watch.

What does the watch do? As far as I can tell the question should be what doesn’t it do. The sharing options are endless: from your heartbeat to drawings to special-Apple-made emojis (yes, new emojis!), and even a walkie-talkie feature, this watch will make you equally social and punctual. Being that it’s NYFW, it’s of course important that the watch has a number of style variations from leather bands to metal, and looks more like, well, a watch, than many of the new, shiny “wearable tech” products we’ve been seeing.

Check it out:

Main image via @FrancaSozzani1 on Instagram