You Need to Know: Chilean-Danish Songstress Molina Makes Gorgeously Philosophical Synth-Pop



As the title track of the new Molina EP Vanilla Shell—released Friday, January 24—opens, she immediately launches into an a cappella philosophical proclamation, “Go push yourself out / With your shaky hands / Swim out and let someone / Bring you home again.” It’s certainly the best advice we’ve gotten so far this year (and maybe even all of last year).

The track continues as some sort of trippy but beautiful sonic mash up of Austra, Garbage and Cocteau Twins, with lush, Asian accented soundscapes, and the singer even sounding a bit like Elizabeth Fraser.



Of Chilean heritage, but based in Copenhagen (can Denmark’s capital possibly get any cooler?), she has been writing music since she was just eight years old—and the sophistication of her compositions certainly bears that out. “Parásito,” for instance, at different times reminds of Depeche Mode, David Sylvian and Kate Bush—but with gorgeous, African influenced vocal intonations.

Her inspirational 2018 single “Hey Kids” (featuring Late Verlane) shows up on the new EP—after wracking up more than a million views on YouTube—and the lyric, “Hey Kids / Into dust together / Eyelids / Heavy as leather Eyelids” still sounds for some reason like words to live by.

Expect to hear much, much more from this singular talent in 2020.


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