What a Doll: Katie Holmes is Seriously Terrified in ‘Brahms: The Boy II’



If you missed 2016’s Brahms: The Boy, it pretty much confirmed that no matter how many times the concept is dragged up onto the screen, we never really stop being afraid of spooky dolls.

The sequel—Brahms: The Boy II, naturally—arrives in theaters this Friday. And this time, Katie Holmes (looking a bit careworn, if we must say), plays the mom whose son finds the pale but dapper figurine buried in the backyard (it weirdly looks a bit like Donovan Leitch) and cleans it up to get it ready to terrify the whole family. Of course, it begs the question, Why don’t they ever learn not to play with those creepy little things? But that’s for another story.



As expected, Holmes’ Liza, sensing that all is not right with young Jude’s (played by Christopher Convery) possibly not inanimate new friend, takes to the internet for the obligatory backstory research scene…only to find tales of grisly massacres somehow connected to the presence of Brahms. It all goes a bit horrid from there, as one might predict.

Opening Friday, January 21, Brahms: The Boy II is directed by William Brent Bell, and also stars Owain Yeoman and Supergirl‘s Anjali Jay.


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