‘We Must Fight Against the Oppressors’! New Moby Single/Video ‘Power is Taken’ is a Call to the Barricades

Image by Jonathan Nesvadba


The last time we spoke with Moby (in early 2018), his state of mind was ostensibly one of restlessness and worry, as he lamented to BlackBook, “If you look at Adam and Eve being kicked out of Eden as a metaphor it makes sense: we are separated from the Divine, from objective knowledge, from spirit. We stumble around, scared and vicious and clueless, like motherless children.”

As 2020 dawns, however, it would seem a sense of panicked urgency has set in with the exalted electronic music icon. And his equal parts exhilarating and anxiety-inducing new single “Power is Taken” is the result, a rousing call to action, with the unambiguous mantra, “We who hate oppression / Must fight against the oppressors!”



It is a palpably affective work, with haunted atmospherics recalling Power, Corruption & Lies era New Order. But “Power is Taken” is at its essence a relentless electro-trance track, with a heart-racing BPM, fattened-up synths, and shiver-inducing incidental sirens wailing throughout – all creating a glaring sense of genuine exigency. The hyper-sensory accompanying video only serves to heighten the urgency.

“We are facing an unprecedented global emergency,” he rightly insists, “one of our own making. Life on Earth is in crisis: scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown. This is our last chance and we are in the midst of a mass extinction. We are out of time. This is our Extinction Rebellion.”

The song is taken from the upcoming new Moby album All Visible Objects, set for release this March 6 via Mute. In the meantime, we strenuously recommend heeding his warning.


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