Watch: Visceral New Video for Brit Singer-Songwriter Plested’s ‘Ribcage’


Up until now, UK singer-songwriter Plested has apportioned his talent in the service of others, penning hits for the likes of Zayn Malik, Emeli Sandé and Little Mix – with a co-writing credit on the latter’s UK double platinum hit “Touch.” His credibility has been unchallenged.

But his own name was waiting to be similarly graced with his songwriting talent – and so it is with this new single “Ribcage,” a visceral, spine-tingling ballad about loving too hard and the attendant consequences. “That’s why they call me the ribcage / To lock all of my feelings up,”  he laments to chilling effect.

“‘Ribcage’ is a little idea I had to articulate the fact that I find falling in love so hard,” he explains. “It’s been years of ‘don’t-know-how-I-feels,’ and distancing. Because every time I get close, I automatically stop myself. Maybe all of our hearts are just caged up inside us, simply waiting for the right person to come set them free?”

It would surely be hard to argue otherwise.

Plested tour plans have yet to be announced. But a recent sold-out show at London’s St. Pancras Old Church was a sensation – so fans’ patience will very likely be well rewarded.



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