Watch The Surreal New ‘houdini’ Video From Seattle’s Eat The Apple (A BlackBook Premiere)

Image by Hayley Young

Commissioned by Seattle’s ACT Theatre in 2010, A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light is a senses-provoking dance piece / glam-rock musical, with elements of both the voyeuristic and the surreal. Hailed by the Seattle Times as going “boldly into sex, struggle, tensions and breakdowns,” it had a second wildly successful run in 2015.

A soundtrack to the show will be released this December 2. Leading up to it, BlackBook premieres here the visually striking video for “houdini,” by Eat the Apple – which is a nom de plume of KT Niehoff and Ivory Smith, the creators of ‘Glimmer.’ Their notable and provocative history with multi-dimensional, experimental performance work is immediately evident; but most of all, it’s like an escape into a mysterious, forested dreamworld – quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen or imagined.


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