Watch: New Kim Gordon Video For ‘Sketch Artist’ is Beautifully Unsettling



Despite being a “Sonic Parent” for more than two decades now (daughter Coco is 25), Kim Gordon‘s ability to intrigue and unsettle seems not in the least diminished. To wit, the eerie, even sinister, but also stunningly shot new video for current single “Sketch Artist,” directed by Berlin-based artist and filmmaker Loretta Fahrenholz.

In it, Gordon seems to have the ability to carry-out psychological “drive-bys,” staring out from the driver’s seat of her car and sending bystanders into exceedingly violent spams. The striking, noir-ish visuals are characterized by a sort of Lynchian surrealism, with all manner of unsettling occurrences flashing across the screen.



The jittery, avant-industrial track is taken from her upcoming and first ever solo album No Home Record, due out October 11 through Matador.

“The record wouldn’t have happened without the persistence of [producer] Justin Raisen,” Ms. Gordon explains. “Why now? Living in LA the last few years it feels like home; but the transience of the place makes it feel sometimes like no home.”

We get it.


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