Watch: Intense Video for Lola Kirke’s New Single ‘Not Used’

Image: Lola Kirke in Mozart in the Jungle

Media dubbed “It Girls” who are actually esteemed for their rather multifarious creativity, Lola Kirke starred in Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle, and has four films coming in 2017, including CIA thriller American Made with Tom Cruise; sister Jemima played Jesse on the recently concluded Girls, and will star alongside Lola and Jamie Dornan in the romantic drama Untogether.

But hardly enough for such prolific siblings, they’ve also just collaborated on Lola’s new single “Not Used” (from her self-titled EP), with Jemima directing herself in the accompanying video. The graceful, alt-country ballad drips with brokenhearted melancholy (like a less ethereal Mazzy Star), with clever wordplay like, “Cause I’m still not used / To bein’ not used to you” and “So I try to play the chord you strike / Can’t sing what you sound like” exhibiting her particular lyrical acuity.

The video itself, with a laser-focused but ostensibly emotionally distraught Jemima going through a workout routine, seems a meditation on discipline. It’s perhaps, then, the perfect metaphor for the self-mastery needed to move on from a broken relationship.

“Those transitional, soul-level-change moments we experience are never dramatic,” says Jemima. “Epiphanies don’t really happen. They’re a myth. Real transformation is boring and uncomfortable, like working out on your birthday when you have no plans…and change slips in unnoticed.”

Lola will be appearing live at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right this Sunday, July 9.


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