Watch: Blackpowerbarbie Animates Toronto Songstress Ralph’s Anthemic New Single ‘Gravity’



We looked it up, and census figures show that since 1880, 410,911 boys have been named Ralph, and just 119 girls. So, yes, Toronto songstress Ralph is obviously very special. (Though she was born Raffa Weyman, which we think is also pretty special.)

But mostly it’s about her awesome music, which reaches back to Hi-NRG ’80s-into’90s dance anthems for inspiration. Her new single “Gravity,” her first since her 2108 debut album A Good Girl, recalls long (and long-gone) sweaty NYC – or Toronto – club nights, with its throwback housey groove, exuberant piano riffs and Ralph’s exhilarating, cooly emotional vocal performance.

“When I was younger, Electric Circus was the coolest thing happening in Toronto,” she recalls. “I would try to stay up late so I could watch the furry cowboy hats and tube tops on TV, and I truly wanted to grow up so I could dance there. This song is an ode to ’90s house with a contemporary pop flair. I want to make people dance to this one.”



The accompanying video is a beguilingly trippy space trip, captivatingly animated by multimedia artist Blackpowerbarbie (real name Amika Cooper). In it, Ralph goes all intergalactic in the grooviest way possible, even making friends with a robot dog along the way.

“I’ve admired Amika’s work for awhile,” she enthuses. “There’s a strength and beauty in the women she creates; so I reached out to see if she’d be interested in creating a cartoon Ralph. My vision was Sailor Moon meets Gucci meets Britney Spears’ ‘Oops’ video – and the results are perfect.”

Obviously, she’s the real space force.


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