TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 2017: 10 Must See Films

Now amazingly in its 15th year, the exalted Tribeca Film Festival has launched many a career. And with expert lectures, short films, web series’, and virtual reality experiences, it is still constantly adapting, to remain at forefront of a rapidly changing entertainment world.

This year brings another roster of notable projects and promising new talent. With veteran actors like Richard Gere and Diane Lane, as well as newcomers Zoey Deutsch and Julia Garner, there is no shortage of powerful performances. There’s also impressive new talent behind the camera, with directors like Eleanor Coppola and Guillaume Canet debuting buzzed about new films.

There’s a big slate of screenings between now and April 30, when TFF closes. But here is our list of this year’s “can’t miss” picks.



Julian Rosefeldt’s stunning look at the life of an artist features Cate Blanchett in multiple roles. In a series of vignettes, she portrays numerous artists as they give their unique manifestos, questioning the meaning of art. From a puppeteer to a homeless man to a school teacher, she seamlessly transcends the human experience for an incredible viewing experience. Find show times and more info here.

The Trip to Spain

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon return to the road with director Michael Winterbottom for this follow-up to 2010’s The Trip and 2014’s The Trip to Italy. This time, they take a comedic tour of Spain’s finest wining and dining. Their quick wit and chemistry makes for the ultimate road trip buddy comedy. Find show times and more info here.

The Circle

Emma Watson adds a tech thriller to her blossoming résumé with this film based on Dave Eggers’ bestselling novel. Mae (Watson) is the latest employee at the world’s most powerful tech and social media company. As she excels at her new job, the company’s founder (Tom Hanks) taps her to participate in an experiment that tests the boundaries of privacy and ethics. As she gets deeper into the project, she and everyone she loves is put at risk, as is the fate of humanity. Find show times and more info here.

The Lovers

Tracy Letts and Debra Winger star as an unhappy married couple in Azazel Jacob’s latest film. After a long marriage that’s become void of passion, both spouses have agreed to separate, having secretly become involved with other people. Unwittingly, the decision to split reignites whatever spark was left in their relationship. Find show times and more info here.

Rock’n Roll

Written and directed by Guillaume Canet, this film takes a satirical look at a famous couple as the deal with growing older under the public eye. Starring Canet and real-life spouse Marion Cotillard as themselves, Canet puts their relationship to the test when he’s told by a costar that he’s no longer cool. Find show times and more info here.

One Percent More Humid

Julia Garner and Juno Temple star as Catherine and Iris, two childhood friends who return home for the summer. While they party the hot New England summer away, a past trauma begins to surface in their lives. Attempting to suppress the memory, they resort to unhealthy behavior. Find show times and more info here.

Love After Love

Andie MacDowell gives a powerful performance in this emotional film from Russell Harbaugh. When her husband dies, a mother and her two grown sons begin to drift further away. Chris O’Dowd and James Adomain costar in this story of a family that struggles to regain their equilibrium after the loss of a loved one. Find show times and more info here.

The Dinner

Richard Gere and Steve Coogan star as estranged brothers Stan and Paul, one a congressman, the other a former teacher. A years-long sibling rivalry comes to a boiling point when they and their wives (Laura Linney and Rebecca Hall) meet for a dinner. During the intense reunion, dark family secrets come to light in this drama based on Herman Koch’s bestseller. Find show times and more info here.

Paris Can Wait

Diane Cane stars in this film from writer/director Eleanor Coppola as Anne, the wife of a successful film producer. As she finds herself at a crossroads, she enlists the help of French bon vivant, Jacques to driver her from Cannes to Paris. As their short trip becomes a spontaneous excursion, she finds herself forgotten feelings reignited as an attraction sparks. Find show times and more info here.


Erica Vandross (Zoey Deutch) is a witty, promiscuous teenager who kills time with her friends, getting into mischievous schemes. When her mother’s boyfriend and his son, fresh out of rehab, move in, she finds herself developing an unexpected bond with the newly acquired men in her life. Find show times and more info here.

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