The New ‘Be Loud’ Video From Copenhagen’s Mr. Koifish is a Trippy Dippy Mind Warp


Last year whilst visiting the Hearst Tower in New York, we were privileged to be taken to a private 50th anniversary exhibition on the animation in The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. And while it’s clear how its influence has continued to resonate, it was also a transporting experience, a peek into a 1960s decade of unfettered psychedelic mind expansion.

Wouldn’t you know, we felt nearly that exact same way upon viewing the video for Mr. Koifish‘s spacey new single “Be Loud.” The former bass player for Copenhagen’s Turboweekend, Morten Køie adopted the, um, fishy nom de guerre just in time to release debut track “The End” last summer.



But “Be Loud,” with its groovalicious bass line, trippy, widescreen atmospherics and weirdly affected vocals is something of a new kraut-psyche-rock paradigm. And to be honest, the hippy-dippy lyrical professions of, “Let’s be live, in high / Zero, you know,” sound like a really attractive alternative to dealing with the real world.

“The psychedelic pictures painted tell a story about letting go and feeling care free,” he explains, “seeing the world from far above, floating in that perfect place.”

Free your mind…



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