‘Stranger Things’ Releases Archival News Footage for Halloween

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In honor of Halloween, Netflix’s creepiest show, Stranger Things, has released faux archival news footage from the local news station of Hawkins, Indiana. In the new online clip, anchorwoman Brenda Wood finally addresses some of our lingering questions from the show’s first season: namely, why did no one wonder where Barb went?

Wood explained, “Barbara Holland, a student at Hawkins High, known as ‘Barb’ to her friends, was last seen at Steve Harrington’s home a few days ago,” finally putting to rest the lingering issue of why no adult characters seem to have noticed or taken interest in Barb’s disappearance.

Our new favorite news anchor also shed some light on civilian reactions to Eleven raiding the local grocery store for Eggos, stating, “Bradley’s Big Buy reported a shoplifting incident with a vagrant juvenile, who escaped with an unprecedented number of Eggo waffles.”

Check out the clip below.