Sky Ferreira’s Cover of the Commodores’ ‘Easy’ is Just Beautiful

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There’s almost nothing Sky Ferreira can do that wouldn’t make us love her even more. From her musical collabs with Primal Scream and David Lynch, to her Hedi Slimane photo shoots to her acting roles in Twin Peaks and Baby Driver, she makes so many pop divas (you know who you are) just seem like such unimaginative bores.

And speaking of Baby Driver, here’s her new single from the film’s soundtrack: a strikingly graceful and lovely cover of the Commodores classic “Easy.” No surprise, she seemingly effortlessly transforms the R&B-lite chart-topper into a languidly sensual alt-blues ballad, exquisitely alluring yet with a palpable sense of deep melancholy.

“Why in the world would anybody put chains on me,” she begs. For our part, we have no idea.

(N.B. Sky Ferreira plays the Meadows Music & Arts Festival in Queens, NYC next weekend.)