Quarantine Tranquility: Loupe Launches ‘Motion Art’ Channel on Apple TV

Marc Scheff, Can’t You See That I Am Not Afraid



The art world has reacted with impressive haste to the pandemic-centric reality that, at least for now, literally no one can walk into a gallery and look directly at a work of art—with digital viewing pages and virtual museum exhibitions popping up daily (to wit, the new Gagosian Artist Spotlight program). But it calls up the larger question of just where our cultural habits will fall once we’ve returned to something like normal.

The influential art app Loupe must be given its proper due, then, for spending the last few years already leading us down the digital path. Having launched in 2016 as an innovative art streaming destination, it has since achieved the considerable status of being Apple TV’s #1 ranked Lifestyle App in not just the U.S., but also in more than 50 countries around the world. It has both predicted a trend, and saw to the cultivation of that same trend.


Christine Rasmussen – Grace of My Style


Surely the most alluring feature is the ability to literally to tailor your art experience to your particular mood or circumstance—which, let’s face it, is how most of us have always interacted with music (remember all those long nights of somber songs after terrible breakups?). And now quarantined in our homes for however long it takes for Angela Merkel to save the world, we’ve been forced to contend with a tumult of emotions on a daily basis…prompting Loupe to emphasize specific channels on the app which might just contribute to our mental and emotional survival.

Most importantly, they have at last launched (in conjunction with Apple TV) a “Motion Art” channel, which overcomes the static nature of digital viewing, for an even more engaging, even visceral experience.

“Now more than ever, the world needs art,” observes CEO and founder Dot Bustelo. “Fortunately, we’re bringing that to the safety of people’s homes in a streaming experience. Because of our technology, Loupe is uniquely able to share motion art with audiences right on their TVs.”


Cole Rise – no203


Their international stable of artists has quickly responded in kind, submitting hours and hours of motion art content. And it is not an exaggeration to say that those experiencing quarantine anxieties and claustrophobia can very likely find a calming sense of comfort in spending time with these works—especially channels like Futuristic Visions, Surreal/Psychedelic, Tranquil Impressions, and Wide-Angled Poems. After all, they don’t have those names for nothing.

“The digital age has transformed not only how we view art, but how artists create,” says Nicole Kutz, Loupe’s chief curator. “Artistic expression has transcended from the canvas to visuals that move, react and engage the viewer in ways that challenge the imagination. Loupe pioneered a cutting-edge artistic experience with the ‘streaming art gallery’, and now we continue to push the experience with our new Motion Art channel.”

And now, it might just also save your psyche.

Download the Loupe app here.



Images from top: Petrus Bergstrand – Mystery in the green; Mischelle Moy – Ranch Sunrise
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