Psyche Rock Fix: New Smoke Fairies Single ‘Disconnect’ Actually Has Awesome Guitar Riffs



With rock and roll in its death throes, truly awesome guitar riffs are such a rarity that even the cliche-ridden Greta Van Fleet have been mistaken for not being terrible.

But the new Smoke Fairies single “Disconnect” is the real thing, with jagged riffs leading to thundering power-chord choruses, over haunted, psychedelic atmospherics – coming off like some magnificent intersection of Led Zep and The Pixies. The Brit duo of Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies have, in just over a decade of existence, toured with Bryan Ferry, released music on Jack White’s Third Man label, and been lavished with praise by everyone from the Guardian to the NY Times.



They also have a podcast, Smoke Signals, that is more popular than those of Dolly Parton and Robert Plant. Also, a new album, Darkness Brings The Wonders Home, will be coming in late January 2020. And if “Disconnect,” with its stunning harmonies and lyrical exhortations of “Lost in your own world / You’re looking for no one / What the hell’s wrong with you?” is any indication, expect it to be their most visceral work to date.

No word on when they’ll be back in the States, but they’ll play eight dates across the UK in February, including Manchester, Oxford and London. It’s worth the trip.


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