Pandemic Grooves: 49th Parallel’s Latest Track ‘New Chevy’ is a Languidly Cool Stunner




As giant Asian “murder hornets” descend on Washington State, we can only ask ourselves, “Can life get any more surreal/sci-fi/apocalyptic right now?”

Thankfully, something good is also coming out of the great Pacific Northwest, specifically the Seattle hip-hop scene. Indeed, burgeoning young collective 49th Parallel have already made waves with their 2019 debut album Canvas, and were finalists in the Museum of Pop Culture’s #SoundOff2020, which was meant to draw attention to new talent coming out of the region.

Previous tracks “Fast Lane” and “Safe House” have wracked up nearly half a million streams. But we’re especially loving their latest single “New Chevy,” with its sly, languid grooves, spooky atmospherics and sort of Asian vibes—representing something of a new sonic direction for the ever more promising fivesome.



“‘New Chevy’ is a representation of us staking our claim, proving ourselves, and pushing ourselves,” explains the outfit’s Aidan Kamara. “It’s different from anything else we have ever released, which is why we are excited for it.”

He admits he fully expects people to be caught off guard by the new sound; but that was exactly their intention.

“At the same time, lyrically, we are staying true to ourselves,” he continues. “It was also really fun to make together, and that feeling translates when listening to the song.”

Expect to hear much more from 49th Parallel in the coming months.


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