No Snow Again This Christmas?? Take a Magical ‘Sleigh Ride’ With SHEL


If you live in one of those global-warming ravaged states (where one can once again expect it to be at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit all through the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day) we have the next best thing to an actual cover of snow. The lovely, and gloriously ornate Colorado sisters SHEL (who are more likely to be decked in florid, neo-Victoriana than boughs of holly) recorded this magical cover of one of our perennial winter faves, “Sleigh Ride” – complete with mandolin, whimsical strings and breathily ethereal vocals.

Even better is the fantastical accompanying video – which uses a sort of Tim Burton influenced shadow box theatre to tell the story of a beautiful, magical holiday romance triumphing over the forces of evil. Perhaps a hopeful metaphor for our lamentable times?

And while they’re helping you to conjure a bit of holiday wonderment, make sure to purchase one of their distinctly stylish “I Know You’re Real St Nicholas” t-shirts, to keep the magic going all year long. Oh, and their 2016 CD Just Crazy Enough features this awesome cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

It’s grand, just holding your hand…


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