New Peter Bjorn & John Single ‘On The Brink’ Tries to Launch 2020 w/ a Glimmer of Hope



Peter Bjorn and John‘s 2018 album Darker Days wasn’t the cheeriest affair, with the band’s Peter Morén telling BlackBook at the time that it was inspired by, “Swedish winters, Trump, Brexit, Nazis forming the third biggest party here at home, and the possibility that we are getting near the end of the world.”

But perhaps they’ve rethought their strategy for confronting such bleak realities, as new single “On The Brink” comes with a decidedly more uplifting tone, evident from the first notes. Indeed, the opulent, Irish folk vibed track is awash in airy, Beatlesesque melodies and harmonies, with lots of joyful mandolin plucking, and lyrical professions like, “And these dreams / Sends us to the stars / And this life / Is the only one / And your love / Is my guide.”

It’s taken from their upcoming album Endless Dream, due out March 13.



“In line with most of the other songs on Endless Dream,” Morén explains, “‘On The Brink’ has a cautiously positive philosophical outlook on life and the shortcomings of being. It looks onward with a grain of hope and confidence.”

Considering all the talk of WWIII and the reality that an entire continent—Australia—is on fire, it is a noble thing for art to seek out hope and gift it back to the world. For our part, we’ve been playing it on repeat and letting it lead us away from all the grimness, if only for a few minutes at a time.

Morén continues, “It wonders what’s really important when everything comes to a head and the mind’s boggled with how extremely tiny we all are compared to the vastness of the universe. Maybe to live in the present with abandon and dare to dream—even endless, hopeless dreams—and gaze at the world with a wider and more allowing perspective.”

Peter Bjorn & John will be bringing those glimmers of hope to the States this spring, kicking off a North American tour at the Teragram Ballroom in LA on March 23. Remember to leave your cynicism at home.


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