New Nasty Cherry Single ‘Music With Your Dad’ is Shamelessly Suggestive



After two amazing singles – “Win” and “Live Forever” – we really cannot get enough of Nasty Cherry…who, as far as we can tell, are really actually not nasty at all. Rather, the L.A. quartet are proteges of none other than Charli XCX.

They are, however, not above a bit of salacious suggestiveness – as evidenced on the clever new single “Music With Your Dad.” Indeed, the lyrics hint at an increasing attraction to a boyfriend’s father, with lines like, “We have the same taste in whiskey / But you don’t even drink wine / He just bought me a Cadillac / ’cause I already crashed mine.”

Musically, it’s a bouncy but slightly dirty synth-pop number, with a neo-funk groove and massive choruses. And all sung, of course, with the usual vocal aplomb.


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