New Love You Later Track ‘Making Plans’ is a Lush Synth-Pop Stunner



It might have been accidental, but there is a philosophical synergy to the new Love You Later single being titled “Making Plans.” A reasonable coping mechanism in these uncertain times is to look forward to the near future, rather than facing down the actual present.

LYL is, by the way, the alter ego of LA songstress Lexi Aviles, whose silky, visceral vocals on the new track are enveloped in lush synth atmospherics. She deftly crosses R&B and ’80s electro pop, as a poignant sonic backdrop to lyrical musings on loneliness and self-doubt.



“Don’t get invested baby / That’s what you told me / Am I only making plans just to run away?,” Aviles wonders.

“It’s about using other people to fill in the gaps and pass the time,” she explains. “Social media submerges us in this artificial world that makes us believe we always need something to do and, usually, someone to do it with. And whether we want to admit it or not, we tend fall for it, and we keep ourselves busy to distract us, because it’s hard to be alone.’

The song is taken from Love You Later‘s upcoming EP Heaven is Without You, due out sometime this spring. Try not to spend too much time on Instagram between now and then.


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