Music App Treble + Jägermeister Crank Up ‘Treble Tuesdays’ Music Series

Above: Rotem Sivan


Surely one of the hotly debated cultural topics is the dwindling of an actual underground, where art and music are concerned – especially in New York City, where soaring rents have driven scores of creatives to places like Detroit and Oakland.

But new music app Treble launched a music series this summer, Treble Tuesdays – now in conjunction with Jägermeister – which is focused purely on exposing compelling new talent. Taking place every Tuesday at different locations around Brooklyn and Manhattan, it’s an open bar affair, with attendees asked to pay what they wish – and all proceeds going directly to the artists performing that evening.

“There are so many amazing young artists and musicians scattered across various scenes and different pockets of the city,” says Matt Bond, Treble co-founder. “The series is another way that we’re hoping to unite this fragmented population under the Treble umbrella.”

He continues, “We want Treble Tuesdays to become a home for emerging artists to come together, perform for like-minded people, and touch base with each other every week. And we’re thrilled that the likes of Jägermeister and Holyrad Studio have hopped on board to help us make that happen. ”

Tomorrow, November 28, the festivities will take place at Williamsburg’s Ivy House Studio, and feature the talents of Mia Gladstone, Camille Trust and Rotem Sivan – plus surprise guests. On the bill in December will be the likes of DJ Slade, NanaBcool and Riz La Vie.

Treble launched this past August, and has quickly become one of the most exciting new music apps, making it possible for musicians across the globe to connect for networking and collaborations.


November 28th: Ivy House Studio, Brooklyn

December 5th: Vinyl Crown, Manhattan

December 12th: Ivy House Studio, Brooklyn

December 19th: Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn

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