‘Mad Men’ Star Jessica Paré is in the New Dandy Warhols ‘Be Alright’ Video


It’s difficult to fathom that it’s been three-and-a-half years since the final episode of Mad Men aired on AMC (May 17, 2015, to be specific).

Naturally, we get a little dewey-eyed whenever one of its stars circles back into our world – in this case, the lovely Jessica Paré, who just happens to be featured in the video for the new Dandy Warhols single “Be Alright”…which is yet another preview of their hotly anticipated Why You So Crazy album, due out in January (via Dine Alone Records).

The curious, single-shot, 360 video (with Kevin Moyer at the helm) follows the actress through the Odditorium – the band’s 10,000 square foot Portland “headquarters” – as she flits from a decadent-looking dinner party with friends (where apparently some magic wine has been consumed) to a full-on Dandys performance – which can always be counted on for the further degeneration of the values of, ahem, polite society.

Musically, the track starts out like a psyched-out version of a 1930s crooner ballad, before launching into a rousing, Stooges-style rocker, with languidly cool vocals and spooky keys. Dandys frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor ties it all up nicely by way of the band’s long-standing creative manifesto.


Jessica Paré in Mad Men


“We’ve always been driven to create art with emotional clarity,” he explains. “That’s what the world needs more than ever right now. I’ve never felt so strongly that people are losing their minds, and it’s more of them than ever before. It doesn’t feel like a natural progression of insanity, it just happened. Most people are behaving in a manner that can only be described as batshit crazy.”

The Dandy Warhols are, of course, celebrating their (gasp) 25th anniversary with a massive tour of Europe, the UK and North America in early 2019. Anyone and everyone who has ever felt a kinship with their particular brand of socio-cultural-rock&roll subversion is, obviously, required to attend.

“The weirdest thing about it being ‎our 25th anniversary,” Taylor-Taylor observes, “is that it doesn’t feel like 25 years. Feels like about six. Or five.”

Yeah, for us too.


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