Lykke Li Blesses Us with Two Stripped-Down New Performance Videos


OK, no need to go to church on Christmas, because Lykke Li just brought us there. (Cue the organs, literally.)

As an early present to her fans, the Swedish songstress has just released not one, but two chilling, stripped-down new performance videos. To help end 2018 on a high note, she decided to strip “bad woman” and “better alone” down to their essence. Both, of course, were featured on her critically-acclaimed album so sad so sexy, which was released this past June.



For these unvarnished performances, Li is appropriately clad in stark black. Between the low lighting in a room illuminated by antique candle sticks, the hair-raising background vocalists, and just all around amazing use of instruments (Again, was that an organ?! Must know.), it might be all we really needed for to make our holidays, um, bright.

Accompanying the videos was a heartfelt note from the enigmatic singer:

“As we say goodbye to this year, I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you who listened, came to my shows, opened your hearts to me as I laid my soul bare.

And to prove my love further here it is even more stripped.

Love hurts but it’s what we are made of.

From one broken heart to another.

Yours truly and always.”

X — Lykke Li


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