Crazy in Louvre: Paris Museum to Offer Beyoncé and Jay-Z Themed Tour


Last month, two iconically artistic worlds collided. Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped the video for “APES**T” – which they filmed at the storied Louvre Museum in Paris. It was, of course, visual a masterpiece.

Built one year before slavery ended in the French colonies, the Louvre was a perfect location for the Carters to create a tribute to black people in the art world. Featuring a talented cast of dancers, it shined a light on some of the museum’s iconic works, some of which were stolen from colonized territories. It also introduced The Louvre to many of the Carters’ young fans.

After the overwhelming amount of press they received following the video’s release, the Louvre is now capitalizing on their role in “APES**T.” They recently announced a 90-minute self-guided tour inspired by the video, dissecting the 17 pieces of art that appeared.


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