Listen + Watch: Mykki Blanco Collabs w/ Devendra Banhart on the Meditative ‘You Will Find It’



We’ve all done a fair bit of staring out the window for the past couple months. And with its breezy riffs, childlike word-flow, twinkling chimes, whispers, and occasional drum throbs, “You Will Find It” makes for the perfect soundtrack to losing a space of your time. It’s a quick path to getting sidetracked in self-reflection, whether you’re musically carried away on little fluffy soundscape clouds, or reminiscing about childhood cartoons…and we could all use a dose of healthy escapism these days.

There is something oddly perfect (or perhaps just plain odd and very much so perfect) about this collaboration between Mykki Blanco, Devendra Banhart and FaltyDL. Each artist’s style is distinctly expressed in the track—whether it’s Banhart’s trademark gentle touch, Falty DL’s unmistakable aural dreamscapes, or Blanco’s own exuberant lyricism—yet it all comes together as an ideal pause from all that’s happening in the world these days.

At once dada and yet ethereal, it genuinely beams from the heart center, serving as a soothing balm. Constantly repeating the words, “you need to find it” also has a weird way of prompting the listener into a safe rabbit hole of self-discovery.



Originally intended to be an interlude track leading to Blanco’s forthcoming LP, “You Will Find It” was already in the studio between Blanco and FaltyDL (Drew Lustman), before Blanco reached out to Banhart to contribute.

“I wanted to make a song with Devendra,” he recalls. “I wanted to make a song with one of my heroes just like a few years ago with Kathleen Hanna. I had met him a few times playing the same festivals in Europe and he was just open, and it felt like a full-circle moment. He’s not just a feature, he is now in the blood of the song, he’s a part of the composition.

Banhart lends his voice, guitar parts and hand chimes to the track, while Blanco raps. And while the latter’s lyrics may not make much sense on their face (they open with musings about burning sage and Palo Santo, dive into referencing Lady Gaga and wrap up with Betty Rubble and Snow White), to them they are just honest expressions of life.




“[The lyrics are] my real-life shit, my queer fucking hippy shit,” Blanco says. “I love hippie dudes, I really do, and I want us as human beings to be good to Gaia. I mean look at the state [we are] in right now. Mother Earth is literally weeping, rebelling. We’re sitting. Thank God, let her breathe.”

Banhart adds that we are all, “intimately intertwined with each other, and with the Earth. And if this lockdown doesn’t emphatically verify that, I don’t know what does. [There is] self-love, self-discovery and self-knowledge [that] run through Mykki’s flow, [and] this is the time to explore those three gems.”

“It’s a capsule of really good energy,” adds Blanco, “and I needed to release it now and not wait…let the vibe be felt now in this really anxious moment—so it can feel like a light-hearted mini mediation amidst all the current noise.”

So go ahead and pull up a chair to your window. Now stare. Take a deep breath and allow the world to pass you by while you get a little lost in this track. You may be interested to see what you find when you do. You probably needed to find it.


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