Listen + Watch: Faux Real Bring Back ‘Art Disco’ w/ New Single + Video ‘Kindred Spirit’



While we certainly appreciate the need for artists to address the fear and worry of the global pandemic in their newest work, what we really needed right now was some not-all-too-serious, deesko-fabulousness.

Enter the flamboyant Franco-America duo Faux Real (brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt), who, against all seeming logic, set out on a 2019 U.S. tour before any music was released…and proceeded to build a cult following with their outlandish live performances. Their debut EP arrives this Friday, May 1—and it’s a riot of post-post-punk, ’70s kitsch art disco, one that brings us right back to those heady early aughts days of bands like Art Brut, Le Tigre and The Darkness.



An advance single, “Kindred Spirit,” literally has us dancing around our quarantine quarters, with its cool, new-wavey, funk-lite grooves, falsetto howls and exuberant choruses. It could almost be mid-80s Duran Duran.

In the wildly entertaining accompanying video, the pair are seen shimmying around volcanos, busy highways, and even against a backdrop of fake flames. Hot stuff!


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