LISTEN: Oliver Riot’s Dark + Sexy New ‘Neurosis’ EP

Image by Matt Young

LA duo Oliver Riot (which sounds like a character out of post-Apocalyptic literature) appear more likely that you’d discover them playing the back room of a Zurich art gallery than making the circuit in Los Angeles. But the identical twins – Benjamin and Alexander Moore – are a striking presence wherever you may happen to come across them.

Their new four-song EP, the tellingly named Neurosis, is an alluring mix of the Mediterranean cafe jazz of Style Council and the opulent neo-soul of Hurts…the music of too many late-night cigarettes on balmy piazzas. The lyrical restlessness and disquietude – “Still sleeping with the light on / I’m going insane” – only heightens the aura of sensual tension.

“Neurosis is a concept EP about our obsessions,” reveals Benjamin. “We both have ‘Pure O’ obsessive-compulsive disorder and have felt tormented our whole lives by thoughts, images and fears that we continually try to black out of our minds –  only to have them become stronger. ”

Adds Alexander, “We both thought we were crazy our whole lives, pre-diagnosis, and that we were monsters who were embarrassed to be ourselves. Hoping that this EP helps other people feel less alone.”

Indeed, neuroses crave company. And, in some cases, an appropriately cathartic soundtrack, as well.


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