Listen: Lush New ENZI Track ‘Retrograde’ Can’t be Bothered About Science



As the nation continues to be at war over the primacy of science, it’s probably also a good time to point out that the scientific community has definitively confirmed that—steady yourself—“Mercury in retrograde” just isn’t really a thing.

Still and all, it doesn’t mean it can’t make visceral fodder for the creation of good art. And bourgeoning Nashville-by-way-of-Colorado songstress ENZI has gone and done just that, turning out what is just her fifth single, tellingly titled “Retrograde.” Aesthetically sweet and whimsical, it’s nevertheless impressively sonically layered, with lots of blipping and chiming seemingly capriciously popping in and out, making the track consistently surprising.

The lyrics were inspired by her accidental discovery of a sample which posited, “when the hell does mercury get out of retrograde, because this is driving me batshit?” Which seems to be the common reaction to this rather fantastical phenomenon—though she claims to have found it all a bit of a laugh.



“I’m not an astrology expert,” she admits, “but the belief is retrograde throws everyone out of whack and makes people really impulsive and prone to mistakes. So, I thought, what is universally spontaneous and unhealthy? Texting your ex. Of course, we can’t always help but think of someone we probably shouldn’t be with in a romantic way. I thought it would be fun to capture that in a song, and then blame it all on Mercury being in retrograde.”

If you’ve yet to come across her intriguing nom de guerre, just know ENZI already shared a stage with the likes of The Head and The Heart and Fitz and the Tantrums, as well as captured the attention of MTV and iHeartRadio. Should the stars not choose to interfere, we expect big things.


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