Listen: Haunting New Ladytron Single ‘The Island’ Brings an Apocalyptic Chill


Word just came down that the longed for newest album from Ladytron has been moved to the first quarter of 2019 – leaving a palpable hole in our in autumn listening schemes. But that only means we’ll spend that much more time obsessing over a pair of striking new 2018 singles.

In case you missed it, this past April the exalted Liverpool synth-poppers released “The Animals,” a moody, haunted existentialist mediation (“There’s no law / There’s no God / There’s no harm / There’s no love”), with its pensive Teutonic organ and lush atmospherics. It certainly did bode well for what was to follow.

Now comes the latest single “The Island” (sensing a theme here?), surely one of their most sublimely sonically realized works ever. Drawing on synth gods like Gary Numan and Propaganda, it’s at once chillingly solemn, and yet genuinely epic in its many and sundry visceral evocations. Notably, it paints a lyrical picture (“Fate loves desire / We are sirens of the Apocalypse”) that is both poignantly human and yet doomfully cataclysmic. Ladytron at their absolutely most sublime.

No North American tour dates have been yet announced – but three scheduled UK fall shows are the perfect excuse to hop across the pond to catch them in London, Liverpool or Glasgow.





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