Listen: Alex McArtor’s Haunting New Single ‘Touch’



The kids are alright. Better than alright, actually – they’re kind of blowing us away.

Indeed, last week we made a big fuss over 10-year-old fashion illustrator Dear Giana. And now we can’t stop playing the chill-inducing new track “Touch,” by Texas songstress Alex McArtor – just 17 years of age. But she hasn’t grown up listening to fluffy chart fare. Rather, she claims to be influenced by The Doors and Jesus & Mary Chain; and her music generally sounds like it’s perpetually looking for a David Lynch scene to soundtrack.

“Touch” (from her debut EP Spoken Word) specifically recalls another favorite southern-gothic goddess, Chelsea Wolfe. But in its echo-drenched guitars, anxious atmospherics, and McArtor’s haunted wail, you can hear echoes of everyone from Sky Ferreira to Lana Del Rey to even the Bad Seeds.



“I wrote ‘Touch’ at 15, while I was in a really angry, confused mindset,” she explains. “The concept of the song is someone finally feeling at ease after a long period of darkness – yet the light feels as if it’s slipping away. During that period of time, I found my escape through music.”

The accompanying neo-noir video exhibits her equivalent flair for dramatic visual histrionics.

She recalls, “The video was just supposed to depict the angst of the song and lyrics that I wrote at that time. I was going to literally make the video just me yelling in the camera for four minutes straight, but then I decided probably not the best idea.”

Alex McArtor will play the Annie O Music Series series at The Penthouse at the Standard East Village hotel in New York this Monday, November 11.


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