Lady Gaga Surprise Drops New Single, ‘The Cure,’ with ‘Born This Way’ Producer

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Headlining at Coachella this past weekend, Lady Gaga surprised fans with a surprise new single, “The Cure,” an upbeat, full-on pop production decidedly stepping outside of the Joanne phase.

“The Cure” was co-written by Gaga and Paul Blair, also known as ‘DJ White Shadow,’ who collabed with Mother Monster heavily on her critically-acclaimed album Born This Way. As Gaga gears up for a Joanne world tour, we’re excited and, admittedly, shocked to discover that moving forward with new projects, we can expect to step away from the soft country vibes offered us on LG’s most recent album.

Take a listen here:

Upon first play, we weren’t sure we were sold on the new song, but hearing it again while cruising down the freeway we realized it just might be the anthem we need right now. And Coachella attendees certainly seem to agree:

Love it or hate it, you have to admit you didn’t see “The Cure” coming, and for someone as conspicuous as Gaga, that’s pretty remarkable. Plus, the silky armchair-centric track art is legend.