Kita Klane’s Cover of ‘Baby Mine’ is an Enchanting, Modern World Lullaby

Photo by Nic Harcourt



Tim Burton’s cinematic update of Dumbo this past spring didn’t quite win the hearts of the critical establishment (though it still did make $350 million at the box office). But it was all worth it if it only means that we can have Kita Klane‘s truly captivating cover of “Baby Mine,” the signature song from the original 1941 film, on endless repeat.

The enchanting L.A. songstress has been compared to everyone from Etta James to Amy Winehouse (minus the inner turmoil) – and just 20 seconds into “Baby Mine,” one clearly understands what all the fuss is about. And though her creative journey has seen her further cultivating her considerable DJ skills of late – she’s part of a JBL series that sends her and her decks to airports around the country, spinning outside of InMotion stores – we were thrilled to find out she’s actually working on new music for an early 2020 release.



“Baby Mine” was actually recorded for the Dumbo remake, but Arcade Fire’s version ultimately made it to the film. So Ms. Klane has generously just released hers to the world, all trip-hop tempo and dreamy atmospherics enveloping her beguilingly bewitching vocal performance, resulting in a paradigm new lullaby for the 21st Century. There’s also a subtle, underlying noir quality to her remake, as if David Lynch were somehow influencing the proceedings.

“I have a vivid memory of my mom singing it to me when I was scared to sleep at night,” she recalls. “As an adult, when I got the opportunity to do a cover version, I wanted to offer the same sincerity in my vocal, to reach through the moody dissonance to a modern listener in need of comfort and hope in these unsettling times.”

It’s the perfect antidote, then, to the overwhelming relentlessness our current contemporary nightmare.


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