Jeffrey Deitch Launches Digital Exhibition ‘The Painting Factory: Abstraction After Warhol’




Perhaps we’ve reached the moment of acceptance that for now, the art world is essentially going to happen online, with physical gallery experiences halted by social distancing guidelines. It will surely be an enlightening experiment.

And into this comes the new Jeffrey Deitch gallery digital exhibition The Painting Factory: Abstraction After Warhol, conceived entirely virtually—and confirming that this new period of virtual viewing will be an exciting one. Referring directly back to a 2012 show of the same name at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (where Jeffrey Deitch was director from 2010 to 2013), it is presented as an online “catalogue” of sorts. Deitch had back then planned to present a pair of shows at MOCA, one on abstraction, the other on new figurative painting; he departed the museum before the second could be realized, and it instead became a Rizzoli book titled Unrealism.



But the construction of the site, complete with photos of the original MOCA installation, allows for those who missed the original to vividly flow through an impressive digital recreation. And it also reminds of Deitch’s well-documented ambitions for the museum—with featured works by the likes of Jasper Johns, Frank Stella, Robert Ryman and Jackson Pollock—cut short by his relatively brief tenure.

“The installation of The Painting Factory was like an artwork itself,” he recalls. “And the website includes texts by many distinguished art historians and curators, in addition to photographs of the artworks and the installation. It may be the most successfully realized of the many exhibitions that I have presented—I hope that you will enjoy experiencing the exhibition online.”

View The Painting Factory: Abstraction After Warhol here.


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