Janelle Monae Covers ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Classic ‘He’s a Tramp’



We love Janelle Monae when she’s singing out outer space, and technology, and other things that pop singers generally don’t sing about while they’re busy singing yet another song about cheating boyfriends. But we must admit, we’re literally (okay, not literally) charmed out of our socks by her sly, smooth as silk cover of “He’s a Tramp,” the beloved track from the Disney classic animation Lady And The Tramp, updated for the new live action version.

Thankfully, she doesn’t try to drag it unnecessarily into the 21st Century, instead going full retro, but sassing it up and vamping it up just enough to make it sound fresh and fabulous.

The new Lady And The Tramp film opens today, November 12, starring the voice talents of Justin Theroux, Tessa Thompson, and of course, the glorious Mlle. Monae.


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