Get Stoned with Kirsten Dunst in the ‘Woodshock’ Trailer

Kirsten Dunst has lamented her spot as an indie it girl over the last decade. Although once seen as America’s sweetheart in such films as Spider-Man, Bring It On, and Drop Dead Gorgeous, she’s not been afraid to take on the more mature and somewhat experimental roles. As she’s transitioned into a more evocative actress, she’s worked with such filmmaking icons like Lars von Trier and Sofia Coppola.

In her latest film, she works with first time writers/directors Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the founding sisters behind Rodarte. In Woodshock, Dunst plays Theresa, a young woman coping with a profound loss. As she becomes victim to her own mourning and the mind-altering effects of a powerful cannabinoid substance, she falls deeper into a state of paranoia.

Woodshock premieres September 15. Watch the trailer below:

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